Fall Is Coming, and These Will Be the Most Popular Hair Color

Just like our minds automatically drift towards moody hues of nail polish, boots, and sweaters for fall, our hair also begins to shift towards luxe hues such as copper, dark chocolate, or icy colorations like platinum. However, after tapping some of the exceptional superstar hair colorists for their professional seasonal shade predictions, the coolest hair colorings this fall are not pretty so predictable.

Bold hues of auburn, gilded blonde, and charcoal are on the table alongside less anticipated hair colorations such as rosewood, midnight denim, and even creamy, gossamer shades of blonde. Intrigued yet?

To reap every and each and every detail, we requested three pinnacle colorists who cater to a slew of our favored celebrities for the most-wanted fall hair colors that we must without a doubt have on our radar this upcoming season. From necessary pointers and directions for your colorist to the fantastic color-maintaining hair products, we have you covered. Ahead, eight hair shades for fall and the whole lot you need to comprehend for each. Keep scrolling!


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