25+ DIY Camouflage Nails

These are the things that you need:

  1. POLISH (enamel /acrylic paint)
    • Dark green
    • Dark brown
    • Light green
    • Light brown
    • White (enamel)
    • Black
  2. Best nail polish Base coat
  3. Best nail polish pinnacle coat
  4. Dotting tool

1.Start out with a base coat to guard your herbal nails.

  1. Apply White as your back floor color.
  2. Use darkish brown acrylic paint and a doter to add spots with unique shapes on the nail.
    • You may put dots or asymmetrical spots on the nail as many as you like.
  3. Use darkish green acrylic paint to add extra asymmetrical spots, in vacant locations of your nail.
    5.Use mild brown acrylic paint to add extra asymmetrical spots and dots.
  4. Use light inexperienced acrylic paint to add greater asymmetrical spots and dots.
    7.Now you can put black acrylic paint to add more spots, to make certain that the complete nail is thoroughly covered.
  5. Finally, follow your high-quality nail polish pinnacle coat it to seal in your prepared to fighting nails ^.^

Sharing to you some beneficial recommendations that I be aware of about nail art and nail care.

• Tip 1 – I always like to begin with white mainly when the design includes darkish shades or neon shades due to the fact it will beautify the other colour that you will be the usage of and this approach will also retailer you time now not to do double to triple coating.

• Tip 2 – Use the your nice nail polish pinnacle coat on your graph each other day. This is supposed to these who are having hard time letting go of their nail designs and to those who desired to keep it for weeks this tip will be the answer to that problem. But I would nevertheless endorse to let your design continue to be for a max of two weeks, just to keep away from detrimental chemical substances continue to be on your nails.

• Tip 3 – Having quick nails is additionally ideal, mainly to who would not have more suitable nails. Just hold them trimmed to in shape the top of your finger.

• Tip four – Don’t you be aware of that nails become weaker when they are wet? Be sure to dry your nails absolutely after it is being submerge in water. Also, don’t neglect to wash your nails with sparkling water after getting out of chlorine crammed water like swimming pool or Jacuzzi before you dry them. That is why you should take these things into consideration mainly if you are growing your nails. In addition it would possibly be easier to trim and file your fingernails when they’re soft, such as after bathing.

• Tip 5 – Be cautious in filing your nails it can purpose damage or flaking to your nails particularly when it is not top done. Regardless of the type of file you are using be positive you are filing in one direction.

• Tip 6 – Use moisturizer. When you use hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles, too.

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